Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Ultimate Table Saw Fence

The ultimate table saw fence for a cheap entry level table saw.I built this fence out off hardwood with double rails in the Biesemeyer style, with a sliding shop made fence lock.I used a 50 mm Aluminium angle to carry the fence in the saw mounted channel,I faced the fence with Melamine after ensuring alignment.
My spec was that it should operate  like a high end fence

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Unknown said...

Hi, sorry to bother you. Great looking fence and great vid. Don't mean to sound necky but I am rather new to the woodworking game and on Saturday I managed to get the exact same table saw from a guy off of gumtree. It works well however....
The rail the original fence sits/slides on is bent and it didn't actually come with a fence.
I was wonder if you had any plans with sizes ect for the fence you made that I could have a go copying.
It fine if not.
Stew Orr