Friday, February 12, 2016

Norfolk seabirds

Flock of Oystercatchers Holm beach Norfolk Uk

Pallet Easy Nail Removal-with a grinder

Pallet easy nail removal-with a grinder. removing bent nails when reclaiming pallet wood can be a pain,but try this easy way with an angle grinder cut the about 8mm above the wood and then hammer them through.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Dust extraction for  Home made 12 inch disc sander lathe attachment. I've made a disc sanding attachment for my lathe, but it needed dust extraction.
I laminated the shape of the disc and made the dust cover out of recycled materials and painted it green to match the lathe. i started by laminating the cowl out of MDF and hot glued it to a back panel that i had cut a hole for the spindle to come through I also cut a bent shape to fit round the motor after hot gluing various pieces of wood to the back panel I took it of the lathe and trimmed the excess off on the bandsaw before flush trimming it on the router i then planed it down to size and fitted a front to it.