Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Ultimate Table Saw Fence

The ultimate table saw fence for a cheap entry level table saw.I built this fence out off hardwood with double rails in the Biesemeyer style, with a sliding shop made fence lock.I used a 50 mm Aluminium angle to carry the fence in the saw mounted channel,I faced the fence with Melamine after ensuring alignment.
My spec was that it should operate  like a high end fence

Friday, January 29, 2016

Laminating wood-MDF.Creating a dust extractor hood for disc sander P

Laminating wood. Pt 2 of my disc sander lathe attachment.  I've cut up a board of MDF into 4 pieces  2.5x50mm strips to laminate round a former to make a 12inch Arc to cover my home made lathe sanding disc

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lottie Loo Shih Tzu
Lottie loo and Phoebe
Alfie enjoying the snow

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I have lived in the uk since i was a small child, my family are from Rimini which is on the Italian Adriatic coast.

My passionate is to create thing with my hands which led me to find work has a carpenter in the boat industry. I love all aspects of DIY and all what I can achieve working with my hands. This as led me into many activities that I turned into passions and hobbies, such as painting,cooking,carpentry,photography, and the desire to travel. I love to travel the world. I also love walking my dogs along the Norfolk coast where we have a mobile holiday home each step in the fresh air is a new discovery, with wonderful wildlife and the flocks of seabirds are an amazing sight to behold as they swoop and turn as one while exiting the dogs.

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Spain Alhaurin de grande Alcudia

Bit of a shock right next to the ladder, we where the only ones in the pool staying in a remote hotel never saw another person except for breakfast.

Done the Steve Irwin thing and got it out by the tail and a stick

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1000 subscribers

1000 subscribers. a big thank you for subscribing and making it happen in just over 3 month. so in  2016 I'm targeting a video a week mostly woodwork content but I might throw in other how to subjects

12 inch Disc Sander Lathe Attachment

12 inch disc sander lathe attachment. I've made a disc sanding attachment for my lathe Its made out of construction grade plywood with a melamine chipboard table. the table tilt from 90 to 45 degrees and locked in position with shop made screw down knobs.i've incorporated a micro adjustment bolt to level the table at zero which will be the normal position.the table is bolted down to the tool rest attachment that slides along the main body of the Lathe. I've painted the table green to match the lathe and it will get a second coat when the weather improves.check out how I built the bench for it on my channel

Easy Build 2x4 Workbench

Easy build 2x4 Workbench,The easy way,I'm making a bench to house my lathe on it's constructed out of 2x4 lumber and held together with 4 inch x 1/2 inch dowels with a 5/8 plywood top, my lathe will have a pivot point so i can swivel it to 90 degrees so i can use the bench when not using the lathe, as I've set up my lathe to half size need to be able turn my lathe so that i can get to the tailstock so i can put on the extension if needs be.

Making Wooden Knobs

Making Wooden Knobs The easy way, I've made some wooden knobs using plywood and coach bolts, I have used a drill press primarily and a table mounted router to put rounds on the knobs I have spray painted a finish to the wood

How to Make a Crappy Table Saw Into a Good One" Updated"

How to make a crappy table saw into a good one,I've added a removable router table with a router lift to my entry level table saw, the table is stored on the side of the saw until required-
View original improvement table saw  video on my Channel.

How to make a crappy Table Saw into a Good One

Table saw modifications. to turn an entry level table saw into a good one.Boost your saw,  In this video i show how to tune a entry level saw into an asset to your woodworking so upgrade your saw with all the features of a mid-budget table saw ,with shop built easy to use fence,mobile machine stand with built in extraction,extending side support table,zero tolerance blade insert,reworked riving knife and blade guard with overhead extraction.

Setting up a Bandsaw Blade-taming the blade drift myth

Setting up a Bandsaw, beating blade drift. boost your saw .Re-saw lumber,cut timber without drift with the  blade square to the mitre channel

Making Tenon Wedges safely on the Bandsaw

Making Tenon  wedges on the bandsaw, Using a Jig to make any size repeatable wedges or shim with sharp points

Boost your Table saw for improved performance zero tolerance blade insert

Table Saw Improved - Zero tolerance blade insert. Boost your Table saw for improved performance,change your Craftman type saw blade insert my plastic insert was allowing small pieces to fall in the 45 degree slot

Making Dowels the easy way

Making Dowels,how to make dowels the easy way with dowel plate, start with square sticks no need to round ends,the serration expand the hole by 1mm but when the blank is spun with the power drill the serration act like a hole saw and cut the dowel down to size

Table Saw Fence Alignment-Check fence alignment with a bolt

Table saw fence alignment using mitre fence and a bolt.fence alignment without a dial guage

Monday, January 25, 2016

youtube art